Nominations for BVHA Council


Two vacancies for ordinary members on the Council of the British Veterinary Hospital Association have arisen. 

Candidates should be nominated by a member of the BVHA who should indicate the suitability of the candidate.

Nominees should submit a statement indicating their interests in the BVHA, their willingness to participate in the Association’s activities and their particular skill sets.

Briefly, the BVHA was established in February 1972 through the initiative of John Tandy with the following mission statement:

The objects of the Association were to be the promotion, establishment and maintenance

of the highest standards

(a) in the design, equipment and management of veterinary hospitals and

(b) in the medical and surgical treatment and care of animals provided by veterinary

hospitals with view to serving and protecting the interests of hospitalised animals,

their owners and the veterinary profession.

The BVHA is an active participant of the BVA Council and the Practice Standards Committee of the RCVS. Biannually the BVHA organises a popular and prestigious Design Awards competition for newly built, refurbished and converted practice premises.

BVHA members have enjoyed recent visits to Hospitals in Copenhagen and Berlin. Members may also submit details and floorplans to the BVHA for advice and comment when new and modified premises are planned.

All nominations to be received by May 1, 2020 and emailed to