Advantages of BVHA Membership


It is the BVHA's aim to provide a good range of quality resources and services for its members. Specifically we are focussed on helping Veterinary Hospitals to market the benefits to clients of using a Veterinary Hospital for the routine and emergency care of their pets.

We value your views, suggestions and comments, both on our existing services and on new ones we should seek to develop. Please contact

  • Representation. One of the most important reasons to join the BVHA is to have your voice heard. Whether you have a question about part of the Standards in the Practice Standards Scheme, or are concerned about a more political issue, BVHA is here to represent you. We are able to seek views of our membership very quickly and respond with representations to the relevant people.
  • Consultation. Following the launch of the 2010 version of the Practice Standards Scheme, discussion has already begun as to how the Scheme should be developed at the next major rewrite in 2015. Ensure you have fed to us any changes you would suggest.
  • Discounts on Association events, for all staff of member practices, both Hospital members and non-Hospital Associates. Everything that we do is cheaper for members.
  • Goods. We have an extensive range of goods for sale, including books on Hospital design and materials to help promote to your clients the benefits of their having chosen a Veterinary Hospital for their pet. All goods are either available only to members, or at a reduced rate to members. Click here to view the price list.
  • Block advertising for member Hospitals to place in Yellow Pages and in Thomson Local. The BVHA supplies a list of member Hospitals to the Yellow Pages and Thomson Local teams annually, so your local sales person should know all about it. If you have any difficulties in using the scheme, contact the BVHA office and we will try to help via our own scheme contacts.
  • Plan Reviews. The BVHA Council is happy to consider and advise on the development of your own building or refurbishment plans. See the a href="advice.aspx?a=1479&clientId=20218">Click here for prices and more information.
  • The BVHA Stand. BVHA has produced a collapsible display stand, available for hire, which makes an ideal frontispiece for your practice's Open Day or other function. The lightweight stand collapses down into its own container, which also doubles up as a speaker's lectern. The container has wheels for ease of transport. The stand comes complete with low voltage display lights and a range of mounted photographs illustrating aspects of veterinary hospital life. A separate pull up display carries the "What is a Veterinary Hospital?" information. You can produce your own photographs or poster displays and use Velcro to mount them on the stand. Click here to view the price list. Note that stand hire is only available to Hospital members of the BVHA.

This work, to collate viewpoints and to lobby on behalf of the Veterinary Hospital owners, costs money, money we need to recoup from subscriptions. If you want us to have an effective voice, you need to join and support your Association.