Why Join the BVHA?


The British Veterinary Hospitals Association is a UK organisation of veterinary hospitals and other like-minded practices. Its aim is to promote excellence in veterinary practice and design.

The application form to join the BVHA is at the bottom of this page.

The BVHA is the only organisation apart from the American Veterinary Hospitals Association which concerns itself primarily with the interests and aims of veterinary hospitals and other like-minded practices. In fact before the introduction of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' Practice Standards Scheme, the BVHA was the body which conferred the status of Veterinary Hospital in the UK.


The BVHA is the voice of hospitals and represents hospital interests on various committees such as the BVA and the Practice Standards Scheme (PSS). With possible changes in telemedicine, prescribing from a distance and the Vet Led team, the BVHA gives input to the BVA from the hospital perspective.  The PSS will be rewritten in the upcoming year and the BVHA representative on the PSS committee always plays an important role.


To further its mission to promote excellence in veterinary practice design, the BVHA holds a biannual competition, the Design Awards. The categories include new builds, conversions and refurbishments. The competition is open to all UK practices who have completed their building projects within the previous 2 years and the level of entrants is always very high.


You may not be aware but BVHA membership applies to all members of your practice, so members’ benefits and discounts apply to all making membership excellent value for money. However each member hospital is only allowed one vote at the AGMs.


In honouring its dedication to excellence in veterinary hospital design, the BVHA offers a plan reading service. It also hosts the ever popular ‘Visiting Weekends’ to other practices both in the UK and abroad. Membership offer a sizable discount on these. 

This work, to collate viewpoints and to lobby on behalf of the our members, costs money which we need to recoup from subscriptions. If you want us to have an effective voice, you need to join and support the BVHA.

https://www.vetedit.com/images/filetypeicons/16x16/pdf.png BVHA membership form
Please complete the form and return it to office@bvha.org.uk