British Veterinary Hospitals Association AGM 2020


The 2020 British Veterinary Hospitals Association AGM will be a virtual event. 

The BVHA will be holding its AGM as a virtual event this year.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, November 26 at 19:30 and should last for about an hour.

As the meeting will be hosted on Zoom participation is limited to 90 attendees. If you wish to join in the AGM please submit your name and practice name by email to or go to the Contact Page on this website. The invitations are limited so please book early.

Those of you who wish to attend will be sent the link to join the meeting closer to the date.

As it will not be possible to field questions from the audience at the AGM, if you have any points so that you wish to raise could you please submit them by email to the above address by November 20.

The BVHA officers hope to ‘see’ you there.


1.    President’s opening remarks

2.    Apologies

3.    Adoption of previous minutes

4.    President’s report

5.    Junior Vice President’s report

6.    Treasurer’s report and adoption of accounts and accountants

7.    Handover of the presidency

8.    Questions from the membership

9.  New President’s closing remarks