Lumbry Park Specialists discuss the Design Awards


Ray Girotti is the Hospital Director of Lumbry Park Specialists which was the winner of the President's Award for the Design Awards 2017. Here he is in conversation with the BVHA.

Practice Name: Lumbry Park Veterinary Specialists


Design Award for: President’s Award: Outstanding Working Environment


Q1. What were you trying to achieve/what was your overall goal?

A1. To create a referral centre where we could have a unified team, a collegiate atmosphere and that was an enjoyable place to work.


Q2. What were the 3 most important factors included in your practice design?

A2. 1. Ensuring ease of intra-practice communications

       2. A professional hospital focussed on clinical excellence

       3. A humane place to work.


Q3. Did you use and architect? If not why not?

A3. Yes, and they were very helpful & insightful.


Q4. Why did you decide to undertake the project?

A4. This was CVSs’ next step to provide full UK referral cover.


Q5. Did you keep within your budget? If not by what percent did you exceed your budget?

A5. The budget was largely adhered to.


Q6. With hindsight, what would you do differently?

A6. We would have given more consideration to future-proofing!


Q7. How has this changed your business?

A7. This was a new venture, so it has helped us attracted a first-class team.


Q8. What has winning the Design Award meant to you?

A8.  It was a great uplift for the team. We are proud of where we work; it was nice to get such a valued external validation.


Q9. Was the project very stressful? What was the most stressful situation?

A9. Isn’t every project?

The lack of proper communication between the contractors and ourselves was a particular annoyance.


Q10. What parts of the project went as you expected and what parts did not?

A10.  We achieved the hospital we set out for, it just took us a bit longer than it should have!


Q11. Did you use a project manager or did you manage the project yourself?

A11. We used a CVS in-house project manager.


Q12. What features are particularly important to you?

A12.  We’re proud of our feline-friendly design, the welcoming reception and the use of space.


Q13. Are you and your staff pleased with the results?

A13. Thrilled! Come and have a look around!


Q14. Are your clients pleased with the results?

A14. We hear nothing but positive comments.


Q15. What tips do you have for others contemplating a building /refurbishment project?

A15. Get as much staff involvement as possible, a proper dedicated project manager and remember – it will take you longer than you think it will!