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Educating, supporting, pet carers and vets on the treatment of resistant bacteria

The Bella Moss Foundation is a charity which promotes prudent antimicrobial use and hygiene in human and veterinary medicine. It was set up in 2005 by Jill Moss, an actress, following the death of her dog, Bella, from a badly managed MRSA infection, and has developed into an international champion of good practice linking patients and veterinary clients with best practice resources and access to good advice.

Bella Moss Foundation provides a clinical advice network for UK vets and a basic referral service for vets outside of the UK, and we are a point of contact, support and information for vets and pet owners around the world.

The Bella Moss Foundation communicates on a regular basis with the general public, academic institutions, government departments and leading researchers around the world. The BMF spreads its message through website, leaflets and educational seminars as well as press articles. 

The aim is to save lives and to prevent the spread of infections that are passed between humans and animals. MRSP, The new old superbug
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