Rare Asian Elephant Born at Chester Zoo


Unnamed female calf born to 12-year-old mother, Sundara,   after a 22-month gestation period.

A rare Asian elephant has been born at Chester Zoo. The unnamed female calf was born to 12-year-old mother Sundara on December 15th after a 22-month gestation.

Keepers at the zoo said both mother and daughter were doing well and visitors would be able to see the new arrival from Saturday.

The calf is the 19th elephant to be born at Chester Zoo in its 85-year history and brings the current size of its herd to seven. Five, including the new calf, are part of the same family called the Hi Ways.

Mum Sundara then gave her a series of little kicks to gently stimulate and encourage her to her feet … Minutes later, the new arrival was up and standing and making her first attempts to suckle

“There’s always a lot of excitement among the elephants whenever there’s a birth … It’s a hugely positive event for the herd.” Said Richard Fraser, the assistant team manager of the elephants.

https://www.vetedit.com/images/filetypeicons/16x16/lnk.png Baby elephant takes her first steps
Video footage of newborn elephant at Chester Zoo