The BVHA is Going 'Green'


The BVHA is going on a 'green' journey. Why not join us!


One of the objectives of the British Veterinary Hospitals Association is the promotion, establishment, and maintenance of the highest standards of excellence in the care and treatment of animals with a view to serving and protecting the interests of animals, their owners and the veterinary profession through the design, construction, equipping, maintenance, and management of veterinary hospitals and other likeminded practices.  

As part of that objective, the BVHA Council has decided to champion sustainability in veterinary practice and has promote our green credentials by working towards the Invertors in the Environment (iiE) bronze award.

A number of the BVHA member practices are already working towards these worthwhile awards. If you are interested in a structured path to environmental sustainability this might be for you. Further information may be found on iiE website, Link to the iie website
All the information you need to begin your 'green' journey.