The Constitution


The BVHA has been in existence since 1972 serving the needs of veterinary hospitals in the UK.

The latest version of the Constitution may be found a the bottom of this page
The objectives of the British Veterinary Hospitals Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association") shall be:
.. .. .. a) The promotion, establishment and maintenance of the highest standards of excellence
  .. .. .. (i) In design, construction, equipping, maintenance and management of Veterinary Hospitals
(ii) In the medical and surgical treatment and the care of animals provided by Veterinary Hospitals, with a view to serving and protecting the interests of animals, their owners and the veterinary profession.

b) The promotion of the highest standards in the skills, training and development of staff

c) Increasing the awareness of the Veterinary Profession and the general public to the services provided by, and the benefits of, Veterinary Hospitals

In general terms objectives a) and b) are carried out through the holding of regular meetings of our members and by the creation and regular updating of the standards of Veterinary Hospitals. BVHA's role regarding the Veterinary Hospital standards has been to advise the RCVS. The standards are technically those of the RCVS, the inspections are carried out by the RCVS, by inspectors appointed by the RCVS. However BVHA is one of the few organisations that represents a specific group within the Practice Standards Scheme.

BVHA also plays an important part in the UK's veterinary political life. BVHA is represented on BVA Council and seeks to present the membership's views. We are always happy to hear members' feedback on current issues. BVHA Constitution
The objectives of the BVHA