BVHA Aims to Promote Excellence in Veterinary Practice

BVHA can offer you and your practice a range of services to help your practice develop in providing excellence in the care of clients and patients. In association with Veterinary Practice magazine we also run the Practice Design Competition.

BVHA Aims to promote awareness of Veterinary Hospitals

BVHA have developed (in conjunction with marketing professionals) a range of services to help promote the benefits of attending a BVHA member veterinary hospital to your clients.

BVHA Membership

BVHA has two main categories of members – Hospitals and Associates. Hospitals obviously represent those practices that have already achieved Veterinary Hospital status, whereas Associates represent individuals or practices that either aspire to develop veterinary hospital status, or who have a keen interest in excellence in Veterinary practice (or who simply enjoy the excellent social camaraderie that BVHA engenders).

BVHA Politically

BVHA is involved in discussions, consultations and liaisons with RCVS, BVA, BSAVA, SPVS, BEVA and other veterinary organisations. BVHA has a place on the Practice Standards Group which advises the RCVS on Veterinary Hospital and other practice standards. The actual inspections are carried out by the RCVS, by inspectors appointed by the RCVS. BVHA actively seeks to promote Veterinary Hospitals as being the highest level of practice standard. Only by acting through the BVHA can any Veterinary Hospital hope to have any influence over the future of practice standards. The BVHA represents its members' viewpoints on BVA council, at RCVS meetings and with the BSAVA and BEVA.

BVHA Historically

Past President John Tandy has put an enormous amount of work into preparing a detailed history of the BVHA from its foundation in 1972 until 1988. You can download a copy of this 67 page document as a PDF by clicking here.